Obama Meets Communist Leader, Embarrasses USA With What’s In Background

by Robert Rich, Mad World News

Diplomacy is a necessity when running the Oval Office, but many people have taken issue with President Barack Obama meeting with Vietnam’s communist leader. As it turns out, it seems that mindset is justified since he most recently snapped a few pictures that are an utter embarrassment to America – and it’s all because of what’s in the background.

For those unaware, Obama recently traveled to Vietnam to try to smooth tensions that have lasted over 40 years. However, once there, he was swiftly snubbed, as leaders of the nation didn’t even come to meet him as he stepped off the plane.

Making matters worse, our president then gifted Vietnam for the delightful insult by lifting the arms embargo that had remained in place since the Vietnam War. Sadly, that’s not even the worst of it. In what can only be explained as a blatant dig, leaders of the communist nation staged a photo event to take place under the bust of mass murderer Ho Chi Minh.

In front of bust of Ho Chi Minh, @POTUS shakes hands with Vietnamese Pres Tran Dai Quang. (Photo @Kevinliptakcnn) pic.twitter.com/m1Y0kDK0kG

— Mark Knoller (@markknoller) May 23, 2016

Ensuring that America was fully embarrassed in the process, Obama was pictured with the man responsible for the deaths of almost 60,000 Americans clearly lurking behind him. As if that wasn’t bad enough, VVFH explains exactly the subhuman garbage that Obama was seen smiling in front of:

As the man responsible for the spread of communism in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, Ho Chi Minh is directly and indirectly responsible for the lives of 1.7 million Cambodians, 2 million Vietnamese, and possibly 230,000 in Laos. These are not war dead, but people murdered, starved to death, and “reeducated” to death. In 1995, Vietnam revealed that they lost 1.1 million military dead during the war.  As a percentage of their populations, Ho is responsible for as many deaths in Indochina as Mao Tse-tung was in China.


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