Obama Makes Terrifying Move To Place Himself In THIRD TERM

Conservative Tribune

Commentator Jamie Dech predicted that President Barack Obama might try to leverage his “political and media infrastructure” to usurp the presidential election by either inserting himself as a candidate or using martial law to automatically extend his presidency by four more years.

“I believe, depending on Republican race results and possible agitation in the aftermath, it’s possible Obama could try for a ‘third term,'” he wrote Tuesday for Eagle Rising. “I don’t think he wants to give up the White House next January, if he can help it.”

In defending this ominous theory, Dech first pointed to what Obama said last July, when he claimed that voters would re-elect him if given the opportunity.

“I think if I ran, I could win,” he said while delivering a speech in Ethiopia. “But I can’t.”

Dech also highlighted the increasing number of riots and protests being carried out by members of the Black Lives Matters movement and other groups tied to billionaire liberal George Soros — and wondered whether these events could be used to institute martial law.

“So, if there is massive unrest by groups like ‘Black Lives Matter’ — enough to cause a need for martial law, with National Guard action and all – then, if he declares himself king of the White House, how would he be stopped?” he asked.

“Just remember immediately after 9/11 how the country, as a whole, supported George Bush Jr. as he headed the country into a war,” the commentator continued.

Now just imagine Obama using an outburst of violence to “unite” the country under the guise of his so-called leadership.

These theories might seem a bit outlandish, but just consider the many times that Obama already violated the Constitution. The fact is that a man who cares this little about the rule of law is a man capable of anything.

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