Greg Corombos | WND

With the world focused on a major terrorist attack in Belgium and the intensifying presidential race, a renowned expert on the Far East says North Korean missile tests and their detention of an American college student ought to be very concerning to the Obama administration and other world leaders.

In recent days, North Korea test-fired numerous ballistic missiles in a manner designed to menace its neighbors and also sentenced University of Virginia student Otto Warmbier to 15 years of hard labor for tearing down a poster of the late Kim Jong-Il inside a North Korean hotel.

The missile tests followed a statement from dictator Kim Jong-Un that he wanted the military to have nuclear weapons ready for use “at any time.”

Columnist and author Gordon Chang has studied China and North Korea up close for years and is author of “Nuclear Showdown: North Korea Takes on the World.” He says the communist regime has reasons for doing what it’s doing.

“North Korea will continue to test short and intermediate-range missiles,” Chang told WND and Radio America. “They want to show their customers that these things work. Also, they want to rattle the international community.”

But he said the U.S. had better be paying attention, too.

“What we’re concerned about, however, is their testing of long-range missiles,” Chang said. “They do have two launchers that can reach 48 states. Therefore, we’ve got to be concerned because, eventually, if not now, they’ll be able to put nuclear warheads on those missiles and, therefore, threaten America.”

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