Nobody Wants A Smartgun Because They Are Unreliable When Your Life Is On The Line. So Obama Wants to Make Sure All Cops Are Using Them


President Barack Obama released a proposal on Friday that will expedite the development of a type of “smart” gun technology that will utilize computer chips that can track the location and use of firearms in real-time.

Police officers will be the first to try out the technology, according to a reportsubmitted to Obama by the Departments of Justice, Defense, and Homeland Security.

Obama tasked the agencies to come up with ideas on how to develop and implement “smart” gun technologies as a way to make guns safer. Besides chipping firearms, the proposal also calls for investments in traditional “smart” technology such as those that allow a gun to be fired only by its owner.

The proposal is part of Obama’s larger gun control executive actions, which he announced earlier this year. The action will increase certain types of background checks.

But the computer chip proposal is likely to cause concern among some gun rights supporters who fear the technology will eventually be used to monitor guns owned by private citizens.

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