New Jersey Tells King Obama to Shove It, Makes Massive Move to Defy Federal Government


Conservative Tribune

In a defiant move toward President Barack Obama, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has notified the administration that his state will no longer be taking part in the federal refugee resettlement program.

Unfortunately, the move will likely not prevent any more refugees from being resettled in the Garden State, as the federal government will simply side-step Christie’s administration and work directly with non-governmental voluntary organizations to continue the process, according to NJ101.5.

Following the spate of terrorist attacks in Europe last fall, Christie had expressed his misgivings regarding Obama’s plan to fast-track Middle Eastern refugees into the country, vowing to cease cooperation with the program if proper vetting and security measures weren’t put into place.

He has now lived up to that vow, officially informing the feds that his state would be withdrawing from the federal program. That will likely be after the proper 120 days notice elapses, which will be sometime in August.

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