MUST-SEE: One Country BANS Islam And Orders All Mosques To Be DESTROYED!


Blair Patterson | Yes I'm Right

If there was ever a country that we should be looking towards for how to handle the Muslim infestation plaguing the world currently, it’s Angola.

For those of you that do not know, Angola is a country on the western coast of Africa where they have a government that is much like that of the U.S. with three branches: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. By no means are they like the U.S. in amounts of freedom for the people there, but they are a far cry from North Korea or countries in the Middle East which allow no freedoms whatsoever. Angola also has a similar religious population to the U.S. with a majority of the population being Christian and more than half being Catholic according to Wikipedia.

But why give this type of background on a country that’s in Africa? Well, considering the fact that they are similar to the U.S. in governmental structure and also in religious makeup, they can show us exactly how to deal with radical Islam.

Angola was the first country to completely BAN Islam, forbidding people to worship and demolishing mosques in an attempt to stop the hate filled religion from spreading in their country.

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