Muslim Offers $10,000 If You Can Show Where in the Quran it Commands Terror - Where Can We Pick Up the Check?

Pamela Geller | Freedom Outpost

Omar Alnatour, who identifies himself as a “Palestinian-American Muslim. Student. Humanitarian,” has published an article in the Huffington Post entitled, “Why Muslims Should Never Have To Apologize for Terrorism.” It’s one of the most deceptive apologetic pieces ever to appear on HuffPo – and that’s saying a lot.

“Picture this: You wake up in the morning to hear your wife screaming at you because it’s pouring rain outside,” Alnatour starts out. “She hates the rain and now her day is ruined because of you. You go downstairs only to hear your children yell at you because they broke the toaster. They can’t have waffles now and it’s all your fault.” And on and on. Comparing things that happen in the course of a day that are irritating with not having to apologize for terrorism is deceptive and illogical. Millions of Muslims across the world are waging a bloody holy war to impose Islam because of what is written in the Quran, Hadith, etc.

Nonetheless, Alnatour presses on with his argument: “Quite a ridiculous scenario, right? Can you imagine always being blamed for things that you have absolutely no control over? Can you imagine always being asked to apologize for these things? Can you imagine being hated whether or not you do apologize? This is what being a Muslim in America today feels like.”

In reality, the American Muslim community should be leading the world in reforming Islam and showing the way to individual freedom. Instead, many Muslims in the U.S. reap the enormous benefits of freedom while trying to silence the truth, impose Sharia blasphemy laws, and cover for their mujahid brothers by pretending that what they do has nothing to do with Islam. In that, they are just as culpable as the jihadis.

Alnatour continues: “I am a proud American, raised in Texas. I’m a college student. I’m a humanitarian. I’m an aspiring physician. I’m someone who hopes to revolutionize access to medicine and healthcare in the United States and in war-torn countries across the world. I also am a M-u-s-l-i-m, one of over 1.6 billion who are blamed whenever an act of terrorism occurs as if we are nothing more than this 6-letter word hijacked by those who wrongly use our religion to justify their heinous crimes.”

A November 2015 poll by the Pew Research Center revealed significant levels of support for ISIS within the Muslim world. Another poll released in November shows that 13% of Syrian refugees have a positive sentiment towards ISIS. The Pew poll validates everything I have been saying and blows the fiction that the media, academic, and cultural elites have been spinning clear out of the water. Even worse, you can be absolutely sure that the real extent of this support is higher than the Pew data indicates. Much higher. These Muslims just admit to it. Others do not.

Other surveys show that 58% of Muslims in the U.S. reject criticism of Islam as a right; 45% want such blasphemers punished legally. Twelve percent want them killed. Do you think such people love America in any genuine sense?

Alnatour insists that he does: “As a Muslim American who continually strives to do everything I can for the betterment of my community and this nation, I am tired of being asked to apologize and condemn terrorism that I have absolutely nothing to do with.” And he adds: “As a practicing Muslim, I know that my religion teaches peace. I am so certain of this fact that I will award anyone $10,000 if they can find me a verse in the Quran that says it’s ok to kill innocent people or to commit acts of terror. This is an open offer that will never expire.”

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