Musings Of An Average Joe: Let The Fake Hate Crime Frenzy Begin

Musings Of An Average Joe: Let The Fake Hate Crime Frenzy Begin

By Joe Bilello - Fox News @Joe_Bilello

We must thank the Democrats for constantly reminding us that the historical hate group known as the Ku Klux Klan technically still exists. Otherwise, no one but their 14 members would even know.

This week, retiring Nevada Senator Harry Reid claimed that the election of Donald Trump "has sparked a wave of hate crimes across America.” Reid added, "Many of our fellow Americans believe that Trump's election validates the kind of bullying, aggressive behavior Trump modeled on a daily basis.” Reid continued with his nonsensical race-baiting gibberish and attempted to link Trump to the apparently-still-in-existence KKK.

When it comes to hate crimes, Harry Reid seems to be using a different standard to determine guilt other than the usual facts and evidence that the rest of us use. The man who once claimed that someone had told him that Mitt Romney didn't pay his taxes is apparently using the same burden of proof to convict Trump supporters of hate crimes. My cousin’s neighbor said that her gay friend was attacked by Trump supporters just for being gay. That's good enough for me. Case closed.

A female Muslim student at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette claimed that she was assaulted by two men wearing Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hats. Again, that was good enough for many folks, including some in the national media, to convict these hate-filled apparitions. The problem was that no such event ever took place as the young lady later admitted to law enforcement that she made the whole thing up. And her story was not an anomaly.

The liberal media and Hollywood elites have already established the utter stupidity of the average Trump voter, right? But did you know that they are so stupid that they typically deck themselves out in full Donald Trump apparel before committing their hate crimes, according to many recent reports. Perhaps, in true "The Godfather: Part II" style, they say something like "Donald Trump says hello" before brutally attacking their victims. At least the brilliant, highly educated anti-Trump protesters are smart enough to cover their faces with hoods and bandannas as they loot stores, defecate in the street and set cars on fire.

Fake hate crimes have been on the rise for years. But Trump’s election all but guaranteed that we would see an unprecedented level of alleged hate crimes and hate crime hoaxes. The far left has become so emotionally invested in the idea that a Trump presidency would spark an onslaught of hate and violence that they simply cannot let these fears go invalidated. And when there are no actual hate crimes to be found, they must be fabricated.

(Note to hate crime hoaxters: Be more creative. Use something other than the swastika. It's a dead giveaway that you're a fake.)

The fake hate crime has become almost effortless in the age of social media. A simple tweet or Facebook post like "My friend was beaten by Trump supporters just for being gay" is enough for some to hand down a conviction in the court of public opinion.

Harry Reid claims that many Americans feel "validated" in hateful actions following the election of Donald Trump.  Democrat Congressman Jared Huffman added to Reid’s insanity by saying, “We must prepare for more of this because the Trump campaign has legitimized and given public space to some shadowy groups that used to hide from public view.”

But which of these scenarios is more likely?

1). Now that Donald Trump is the President-elect, a group of young men feel perfectly comfortable and “legitimized” assaulting and shouting racial epithets at a young Muslim girl with little to no fear of repercussions. They will be praised by the public at large and law enforcement will most likely ignore if not commend their crimes. In the event that they are arrested and convicted, they need only to wait until January 20 when they will most certainly receive a pardon from President Trump?


2). A left-wing activist is trying to prove that all the fear mongering surrounding the Trump victory was not unwarranted. They completely fabricated the alleged crime in the hopes of not being caught but in the event that their lies were exposed, they would simply claim that they were trying to "raise awareness" about the festering climate of hate and inevitable crimes that are sure to eventually take place?

There can be no doubt that a certain amount of misguided individuals genuinely feel some level of fear. There is also no doubt that purveyors of fake hate crimes believe, in their demented minds, that they are somehow helping these individuals. But if individuals are truly afraid of the inevitable hate crime, why exacerbate those fears with hate crime hoaxes? Most likely because, the supposedly inevitable hate crimes never actually happen.

It is possible that some guy in Kansas City mumbled a derogatory term to an Arab gas station attendant at some point. That behavior should be condemned by all, but is it a national crisis?

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