More Details Released Concerning Prince’s Sudden Death


Gerry Urbanek | Western Journalism

Multiple sources in communication with TMZ have stated that Prince was treated for a drug overdose just six days prior to his death.

Following a performance in Atlanta, Ga., Prince’s private jet made an emergency landing in Moline, IL last Friday.

Representatives for Prince said he was battling the flu – necessitating the stop – however, some found this odd as he was only 48 minutes from home prior to landing.

According to sources, Prince was instead rushed to a hospital in Moline where doctors administer a “save shot,” which is typically used to counter the effects of opiates.

Sources also claim doctors advised Prince to remain in the hospital for 24 hour surveillance.

After his representatives demanded a private room, which the hospital was unable to afford him, Prince left the hospital just three hours after arriving and departed for home.

It was also reported that Prince “was not doing well” when he left the hospital.

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