Mongols: "Cop club" started fatal brawl at Denver motorcycle expo

Mongols: "Cop club" started fatal brawl at Denver motorcycle expo

Tom McGhee and Kirk Mitchell | The Denver Post

Members of two rival motorcycle clubs — one largely made up of police officers — are blaming each other for a fight Saturday that left one man dead and seven others shot or stabbed.

No arrests have been made, police said Sunday, and the seven injured at the Colorado Motorcycle Expo remain hospitalized.

Stephen Stubbs, an attorney for the Mongols Motorcycle Club, says members of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club taunted Mongols into an argument and then escalated the violence that led to the fatal shooting of a Mongols member.

Many of those in the Iron Order are police officers, military members and other law enforcement officers.

"The Iron Order are cowards," Stubbs said Sunday. "The Iron Order started an argument. An Iron Order member threw the first punch. And when they were handily losing the fight they pulled out a gun and shot a Mongol. The only person who died here was shot by a member of the cop club."

But John C. Whitfield, a lawyer for the Iron Order Motorcycle Club, said Sunday the shootout may have started when three members were jumped by members of one or more biker gangs.

Vince Bohm, who identified himself as a member of the Mongols Motorcycle Club, said an off-duty police officer fatally shot a Mongol.

Whitfield said a Colorado Department of Corrections officer fired a shot during the incident, but he didn't know if that bullet hit any Mongols.

Stubbs, Bohm and Whitfield did not witness Saturday's brawl at the 38th annual motorcycle expo, but relayed what they heard from numerous members of the two clubs.

A large number of the Mongols, a biker gang whose website advises that they are "the baddest motorcycle club known worldwide," were at the expo. Members of other outlaw motorcycle gangs including the Bandidos and Hells Angels also were there.

Stubbs claims that the Iron Order likewise identifies itself as an outlaw motorcycle club, because it uses three patches to identify different ranks of members.

"They are known for picking fights and being jerks," he said. "It was a fair fight until the Iron Order member pulled out a gun. For them to come out and play the victim when they picked the fight is outrageous. They are a bunch of cops who say the rules of society don't apply to them."


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