Mom’s Simple Response To Transgender Debate Launches Facebook Furor

by Jack Davis, Western Journalism

To mother Kristi Merritt, the debate about transgender individuals in bathrooms is quite simple. She went on Facebook to express that opinion, not knowing that in doing so she would be booted off the social networking giant and receive feedback from across the world.

“A man in women’s clothes does not make him a woman. Men should not get to be in our bathrooms or lockers!” she posted on her Facebook profile.

Going a step further to prove the point, the Washington State mom posted a series of photos. In one, she donned a Seattle Seahawks uniform holding a sign that read, “Does this make me Russell Wilson?” Likewise she asked if a picture of her in a sombrero made her a Mexican or one in a pirate costume made her a pirate.

She got to her main point in the final frame, which showed a dress and a handbag.

“Then how can this make a man into a woman?” the final signs read.

As of Wednesday, the post had 35,000 likes and 85,000 shares. It also stirred up opposition with many trying to force her to remove the post.

“Facebook is trying to make me remove this post, they are saying it has nudity in it. Here’s what’s happening. The people who want to censor me are reporting it as having nudity when clearly it does not. THIS IS HOW THE LEFTIST HATERS function, only they have free speech!!!” she wrote.

The threats were followed up with action.

“Hey all!” posted family friend Carla Richards. “Kristi needs your continued support and shares here! Facebook banned her for 7 days for revealing that FB wanted her to remove this post for showing nudity and for posting screenshots of others threatening her and her family. Not cool!”

Her husband Jeff has kept Facebook supporters in the loop.

“Just wanted to let you all know that Kristi has received messages from as far away as Coimbatore, South India. Seems that people around the world can see through this madness and are hoping America can turn it around. She is still banned so she can not reply to those messages but can still see them. Thanks for all the support!” Jeff Merritt wrote on his wife’s page.

h/t: Independent Journal


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