Migrants brawl at Moscow cemetery: Hundreds clash, 3 killed, National Guard deployed [VIDEO]



At least three people have been killed and nearly 30 hospitalized in a mass brawl at a Moscow cemetery. Around 200 people - most of them migrants - took part in the fight, reportedly a turf war at the cemetery.

Police and National Guard forces were deployed to deal with the fight at the Khovanskoye cemetery on the southwestern outskirts of Moscow on Saturday.

While many of those involved in the fight were reportedly armed with bats, sticks, and metal bars, gunfire was also heard at the scene, with eyewitnesses saying the shooting lasted at least 15 minutes.

Some of those involved in the fight were armed with Kalashnikov rifles, a source in law enforcement told TASS.

At least 29 people have been hospitalized, TASS reported citing Moscow's Health Department. Four of them are in critical condition. Three bodies were discovered at the scene.

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