Michigan Mothers Plead: Don’t Make Our Daughters Shower With Boys


Peter Hasson | The Daily Caller

In response to a proposed guidance from the state’s Board of Education that would pressure schools to let children choose their gender-assigned bathroom of choice, Michigan parents, teachers and students have flooded the Board with pleas to change the policy.

At time of writing, almost 6,000 comments had been submitted to the Board of Education on EveryVoiceCountsMi.org, far more than the dozen or so comments usually left on proposed policies.

Many of those commenting on the guidance are mothers afraid for their daughters’ safety and privacy, some accusing the Board of inviting sexual harassment upon young girls.

 “I have a daughter and she deals with sexual harassment enough having to pass boys in hallways who think saying, ‘I’d tap that,’ is acceptable,” one mom wrote. “Now if they claim their name is Sarah they can get into a shared locker room while my daughter is suppose to change? This will come back to bite you, I can guarantee that. The first time anything happens to any student there will be a rally of parents demanding action.”

Another mother shared how her young daughter was already concerned about possibly having to change in the same room as boys: “My 11 year old daughter has asked that if this passes, if we can move out of Michigan because boys do not belong in her changing room or bathroom period! She should feel safe in school, with girls and girl parts only in her dressing room!”

One commenter pointed out that many of Michigan’s smaller school districts have middle-schoolers and high-schoolers all in the same building. “Are you really encouraging a 12 year old female-to-male transgender to share a bathroom with an 18 year old male who will be using a urinal?” the mother wrote.

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