Media Whispers Grow Louder: “Why Isn’t Ted Cruz & Others Suing The National Enquirer?”

DC Whispers

Ted Cruz has called the National Enquirer allegations of infidelity “garbage” and the result of a pro-Trump “hatchet man.”

His campaign has officially declared the claims to be false.

Some in the media are now whispering if all that is true, why no threats of a lawsuit against the National Enquirer?

One of the women believed to have been among those whose image was partially hidden within the Enquirer story, is former Cruz staffer and current CNN contributor, Amanda Carpenter. After she issued yet another on-air denial of the rumors of a past affair between herself and the Texas senator, she was asked why she hasn’t sued the tabloid publication – a suggesting echoed by Trump spokeswoman, Sarah Huckabee Sanders:

“For the sake of both Amanda and Sen. Cruz’s family, I think they should fight back and sue the National Enquirer on this false story.”

Carpenter refused to address the possibility of a lawsuit, indicating she simply wanted to “get through” the ordeal.

It was an odd deflection given one who maintains the Enquirer story is without merit and that her relationship with Ted Cruz was, “purely professional.”

It is an even odder juxtaposition to see Ted Cruz just last night once again blaming the Trump campaign for the sex scandal story, even as evidence has already indicated the story likely originated from operatives linked to the Marco Rubio campaign. Mr. Cruz is blaming Team Trump even as Team Trump is telling Cruz to sue the Enquirer if the story is false.

Ted Cruz refuses to bring up the issue of a lawsuit against the tabloid, which famously broke a similar political bombshell sex scandal story involving former presidential candidate John Edwards in 2008.

Fellow Texan Republican and former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay said during a recent interview that Mr. Cruz must sue the publication or risk losing his presidential bid over it:

“You have to address it and have to address it soon or it’ll drag you down.”


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