Marines launch Cyberspace Warfare Group

Billy Mitchell | Fedscoop

The Marine Corps launched a new cybersecurity warfare unit, expanding its capabilities in the cyber realm defensively and offensively.     

The Marine Corps Cyberspace Warfare Group was activated Friday during a ceremony in Fort Meade, Maryland, forming cyber mission teams that will "perform both defensive and offensive cyber operations in support of United States Cyber Command and Marine Forces Cyberspace Command," according an announcement

The group, housed under the Marine Forces Cyberspace Command, will operate like a more offensive counterpart to the branch's existing Marine Corps Network Operations and Security Center, which operates and defends the Marine Corps Enterprise Network. A key function of the Cyberspace Warfare Group will be to "plan for and, when authorized, conduct offensive cyberspace operations including computer network exploitation, cyberspace intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, and operational preparation of the environment."

“We’ve always had the means to communicate and the means to protect that communication, but today we’re in an environment where those methods are more and more reliant on a system of transmissions, routers and networks,” Col. Ossen J. D’Haiti, commanding officer of the new group, said in a statement. “So, the ability to protect that, the ability to control that and deny an adversary to interdict that, is crucial to command and control.

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