Marine infamous for urinating on Taliban corpses helps foil girlfriend’s hit-man plot


With her son frolicking in the background, Laura Buckingham allegedly paid a hitman $3,000 to kill the boy’s father.

“I want him gone,” Buckingham, a 29-year-old Marine, allegedly told him in February inside her Kingston, Tennessee, home. “I want him out of the picture.”

Want it to look like an accident? That would cost more, the hitman told her.

“You’re sure this is what you want?” he kept drilling Buckingham.

The target was Buckingham’s ex-boyfriend, Brad Sutherland.

“It was supposed to happen Wednesday night; that’s when the assassin was supposed to come kill me,” he told The Daily Beast in an exclusive interview, days after he learned his ex tried to end his life.

Sutherland learned he would die on Feb. 24.

“He was supposed to either do it when I left for work or on my way home,” Sutherland, 31, said.

A few days later, the hitman returned to Buckingham’s home with photos that showed her dead ex-fiancé. Laura paid him the rest of his fee for a job well done.

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