Man Accidentally Shoots Himself But Doesn’t Realize it Until Three Days Later


Jackson Ford | Controversial Times

File this under “what the hell?” A Florida man was cleaning his gun and accidentally shot himself, but didn’t discover the bullet hole in his arm until three days later, when he finally changed his shirt.

Here’s how it went down, according to the Volusia County sheriff’s deputies who can’t stop laughing about it. Michael Blevins, 37, was cleaning a .22 caliber gun, when his dog got a bit frisky. Blevins stood up, and held the gun against his chest, in an attempt to keep the dog from getting it.

But as he stood, he fell–face first into a glass coffee table. He heard a loud noise, but didn’t immediately feel any pain–at least not associated with the gun shot wound he had in his arm. He was too busy bashing his face against a coffee table. That tends to distract. And he’s got a history of back problems for which he takes pain medication.

Three days later, Blevins changed his shirt. Low and behold, there, in his arm, was a bullet wound–albeit a small one. It appeared the round passed right through. Though the wound had cauterized, Blevins checked himself in at the hospital anyway.

Now we could stop there. Blevins has clearly suffered enough. But I think the situation deserves a bit more scrutiny, if only as a teaching tool for the rest of us.

First, don’t clean any loaded guns. That’s a good habit to get into. Second, don’t hug a loaded gun up to your chest to prevent your dog from getting at it. If the dog wants the gun, give it to him. Blevins would have been better off giving the pistol to the dog, for sure.

Yet there’s more. I’m banking on the fact that Blevins is single. Don’t ask me why. It has nothing to do with the fact that he wore the same shirt for three days.

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