Lynch: No deadline for Clinton email probe


Rudy Takala | The Washington Examiner

Attorney General Loretta Lynch said there's no deadline for concluding the investigation into Hillary Clinton's email server, and said setting a deadline would only make the probe less thorough.

 "People have to have confidence that we treat every case the same, no matter who's last name is involved, no matter how much publicity it gets," Lynch said in an interview on PBS' "Charlie Rose."

"We don't make predictions on the time because that essentially cuts off the independence of that and it cuts off the thoroughness," Lynch said. She added that the department was committed to conducting "a full, thorough and independent review."

Clinton has been under investigation by the FBI for nearly a year over her use of a private server to store classified information as secretary of state. In January, the probe reportedly expanded to look at charges of public corruption related to the nonprofit Clinton Foundation.

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