Lyft removes SLC driver after passengers subjected to racist rant, kicked out of car


Robert Boyd | Fox13Now

Political discussions can certainly get heated, but what happened during a Lyft ride in Salt Lake City Wednesday was over the line, according to one passenger.

Samuel Grenny said his driver, Dave, went on a racist rant and even threatened to hurt him.

Grenny and his girlfriend were on their way to a Bernie Sanders event, but they said the driver wanted to talk about Donald Trump.

“I explained where we were going and what it was for, and very quickly he seemed to tense up about it,” Grenny said.

Grenny said the car ride quickly escalated out of control.

“He started to say that Muslims categorically are terrorists,” Grenny said. “And then he proceeded to call Muslims pieces of crap, but a much unkinder word than that. At that point my girlfriend started videotaping, she was very shaken.”

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