Lib Media Attack Friends of Mike Rowe, He Responds With $400,000 Bounty


Conservative Tribune

The 2016 presidential race has focused a lot on jobs. Republicans, like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, want to bring good paying jobs back to America, while Democrats want to purge the system of “bad” jobs.

Outspoken conservatibe Mike Rowe decided that he was fed up with the liberal media and the politicians, and took to Facebook to blast both groups of people for alienating an entire section of the American work force.

“I think the biggest reason so much legitimate opportunity goes unloved, is due to our bizarre obsession with separating ‘good jobs’ from ‘bad jobs,'” he wrote.

Rowe then ribbed into the website “Wallethub” for creating a metric of the “worst” and “best” jobs in America. Some of the jobs labeled “worst” are actually the very jobs that hold this nation together.

To combat this, Rowe offered scholarships to anyone willing to pursue a career in the careers that were ranked last by Wallethub.

“Sadly, no one takes angry men in bathrobes seriously, so I’m instead offering $400,000 of work ethic scholarships to people interested in pursuing the very careers in WalletHub’s Bottom 10,” he wrote.

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