Lawsuit Alleges Fox News Is Officially In the Tank For Donald Trump


Red State

If you've ever wondered about the slavish bootlicking the Donald Trump gets across a broad spectrum of Fox News hosts (see here | here | here | here | here) the mystery has been solved. Months ago Roger Ailes agreed to do whatever he could to help Donald Trump.

We've had hints before. Back in January, Jeff Dunetz, writing at lidblog.com (best known on Twitter as @yidwithlid) reported on a conversation he had with Cheri Jacobus. This was just conversation that may or may not be accurately remembered. Quite honestly, I took it to be a bit overblown. The idea that Roger Ailes would turn Fox News into a Trump super PAC seemed far-fetched.

But there has always been the nagging doubts. For instance, Donald Trump has been acting like he is Megyn Kelly's deranged stalker. I'll be honest here, I'm underwhelmed by Kelly and I thought her preening and bloviating in the first Fox News debate was little short of a grotesque exercise in "look how cool I am." Even so, Trump's response has been much more like a jilted boyfriend than an adult:

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