Kid Rock Tells 911 Operator: “Send a F***ing Ambulance!” Her Response Sparks Outrage



id Rock, real name Robert Ritchie, recently placed a 911 call after finding his assistant, 30-year-old Mike Sacha, dead from an ATV accident on his property. [Scroll Down For Video]

Ritchie immediately placed a 911 call in which he repeatedly tells the operator to send an ambulance. Ritchie is audibly upset and somewhat hard to understand, but it is clear he is asking for an ambulance after communicating his address. A copy of the call was released by TMZ (below).

Ritchie becomes so upset with the operator that he eventually hands the phone off to a female friend who finishes the call after answering several rounds of questions with the operator.

Many online commenters have called for the operator to be reprimanded or fired for failing to send help sooner. Many of the comments are very derogatory in nature.

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