Just 1 Day After Becoming Presumptive Nominee, Trump Says This About “Muslim Ban”

Conservative Tribune

On Tuesday night, history was made. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz ended his bid for the White House, making billionaire businessman Donald Trump the presumptive GOP nominee.

Something that most political pundits thought could never happen has become reality. Despite espousing positions that many commentators believed would keep Trump from the nomination, never mind the White House, Trump seemed to be on his way to winning both.

One of Trump’s most controversial positions, of course, has been his proposal to ban all Muslim immigration to the United States temporarily while officials determine a better way to screen potential immigrants.

In an interview with MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Trump stressed that his controversial plan to ban “all” Muslims from entering the United States will still be a position he holds going into the general election.

“Do you still believe Muslims should be banned from entering the country until we can figure out what is going on, as you have said?” asked the host.

“We have to be very vigilant. We have to find out what exactly is going on,” Trump responded. “We have a president who won’t even mentioned the term radical Islamic terrorism.”

Trump stressed that he didn’t care if the Muslim ban stance hurt him in a general election, he was going to stick with it because, “I’m doing the right thing.”

“I have to do the right thing,” he continued. “I’ve been guided by common sense, by what’s right … we’re allowing thousands of people to come into our country … nobody knows who they are.”

You can watch the full interview below. The segment on Trump’s Muslim ban starts at 7:29

This will be a welcome relief to many conservatives who were worried that Trump was going to go back on many of his stances in order to win a general election against Hillary Clinton.

In the last few weeks of his campaign, Cruz warned the GOP that Trump would turn out to be a liberal in disguise. While Trump’s refusal to change his stance on this issue doesn’t mean these predictions were wrong, it does at least lend credence to Trump’s repeated claims that he is a conservative.

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