John Kerry's Latest Moronic Excuse for Islamic Terrorism...

by Tiffany Gabbay, Truth Revolt

If you think Islamic terrorism might somehow be caused by Islam itself, then you're obviously not thinking as creatively as the geniuses at the U.S. State Department, who have attributed it to permafrost, rising sea levels, human rights abuses and now a lack of regular meals and access to amusement parks. 

So says the Department's resident polymath, John Kerry.

From CNSNews

Religion does not necessarily play a role in radicalization of Muslims, Secretary of State John Kerry said Tuesday night, citing political repression and denial of rights as relevant factors, along with the lure of “regular meals [and] companionship.”

In a speech at the Baker Institute for Public Policy at Rice University in Houston, Kerry acknowledged that “you don’t have to be poor or repressed or receive special training” to become a recruit of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh). [...]

“You don’t even have to be religious,” he added, citing as an example a reported case of two young British men who went to join ISIS in Syria in 2014, but took with them the books Islam for Dummies and The Koran for Dummies.

Kerry doubled down on the obfuscation, saying the U.S. State Department still doesn't have a "fully satisfactory answer" as to why some people are motivated to engage in terrorism. It's a real head-scratcher. 

[...]“the lure of extremism can be hard to resist my friends if you are a child with nothing in your stomach and somebody offers you regular meals, companionship, and an upside-down world view in which you have a place on center-stage.”

“Daesh recruiting videos include a religious narrative but also point to an idyllic picture of Daesh families having picnics and going to amusement parks,” he continued.

Ah, right, ISIS militants don't lure recruits in the name of Islam; they just tempt them with trips to Islamo-Disney. 

This from the brain trust at the U.S. State Department. 

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