Jason Chaffetz Goes Before House Panel To Push For IRS Impeachment


Alan Fram | AP

Republicans gave an election-year airing to their complaints about IRS chief John Koskinen Tuesday, telling a GOP-run House committee that he should be impeached for lying to lawmakers and destroying evidence.

"Mr. Koskinen was sent to the IRS to clean it up but it's gotten worse," Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, told the House Judiciary Committee, pressing a long-shot effort he's led since last year to remove the agency's commissioner. "As members of Congress, we have no reason to have any confidence that Mr. Koskinen will run one of the most powerful agencies with any integrity."

Koskinen and his Democratic defenders denied the allegations, with Democratic lawmakers accusing Republicans of pursuing a political vendetta. While the IRS has conceded that it treated conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status unfairly earlier this decade, Democrats said Republicans were ignoring previous investigations that have found the IRS' destruction of some emails sought by Congress was due to incompetence, not a purposeful effort to hide evidence.

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