ISIS forbids remaining Christians from leaving city of Raqqa in Syria


Lisa Daftari | The Foreign Desk News

The Islamic State is now preventing the last remaining Christians from leaving Raqqa, Syria, according to activists on the ground.

According to the group Raqqa Is Being Silently Slaughtered, which was founded by a group of journalists turned activists, ISIS has put out a new decree preventing both Christians and Armenians in Raqqa from leaving.

#ISIS Issued a new decision to Prevent any Christians or Armenians people who Remain in #Raqqa to leave the city under any condition #Syria

— ????? ???? ???? (@Raqqa_SL) March 29, 2016

There are approximately 25 Christian families left in Raqqa today, according to RIBSS.

Raqqa, now the de-facto Syrian headquarters of the Islamic State, fell into rebel control in March 2013 in a battle between insurgents led by the Islamist jihadi group Al Nusra and Bashar Al Assad’s regime. Raqqa then became the first provincial capital under rebel control in the war.

“The suffering of Christians began with ISIS control of Raqqa,” RIBSS said on its website about the treatment of Christians under the jihadi militant group.

“ISIS looks at Christians as infidels loyal to the West more than their loyalty to their homeland which they live.”

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