ISIS and Italian mafia teaming up to smuggle weed into Europe


Josie Ensor | Telegraph  

The Islamic State is working with the Italian mafia to smuggle cannabis to Europe, a new investigation shows.

While smoking and handling hashish is forbidden under Sharia law and the group punishes those living in its territory in Syria and Iraq caught using it, its leaders are making millions from helping smuggle it, according to Franco Roberti, Italy’s national anti-terror and anti-mafia chief.

Police in Italy have found evidence that mobsters, who have long controlled most of the country's illegal drug supplies, have had to work with Isil to get through its territory in Libya along the main North African smuggling route.

The route for North African hash - compressed cannabis resin - now runs from Casablanca, Morocco, through Algeria, Tunisia to Tobruk in eastern Libya.

The mafia was forced to strike a deal to pass through the increasingly lawless coastal city of Sirte, where Isil controls the ports.

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