Iran sues United States over terror compensation ruling


Ben Ariel | Israel National News

Iran has filed a lawsuit against the United States in the International Court of Justice following the American Supreme Court’s ruling that it would have to compensate families of victims of terrorist attacks linked to the Islamic Republic.

Iranian Vice President for Legal Affairs, Elham Aminzadeh, blasted the decision on Sunday and announcing that lawsuit filed by Tehran.

"The government has powerfully stood against the practice of this ruling because these assets belong to the (Iranian) nation and should be spend for its welfare," Aminzadeh said on Sunday, according to Iran’s semiofficial Fars news agency.

Noting that legal procedures are underway to take back the money, she said that Iran "has filed a lawsuit at the International Court of Justice and is pursuing it".

Iran rejected the Supreme Court ruling shortly after it was issued, calling it “a theft of the assets and properties of the Islamic Republic of Iran” and saying the ruling is "tantamount to ridiculing justice and law and it does not create any right for the U.S. nationals."

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