Iran Flips Obama The Bird With CHILLING New Weapon… Courtesy Of Mother Russia

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Throughout President Barack Obama’s presidency, the nation of Iran has essentially been given a free pass by the U.S. government for all of its rule breaking and aggressive actions.

The Daily Caller reported that Iran’s latest threat to regional stability came in the form of the S-300 missile system, an advanced missile defense system sold to Iran by Russia.

Iran has now received its first shipment of this dangerous new weapon. Russia and Iran had signed a contract for the system in 2007, but Russia put a freeze on delivering it during the negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program. Now that the nuclear deal is in place, Iran can receive the system from Russia.

“We are acting in strict compliance with the contract. They pay, we sell. We have already started. It is a supply in full sets,” explained Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. He also stated that the systems would be completely delivered by the end of 2016.

The S-300 missile system is a Cold War era system that is still surprisingly lethal. It possesses the capability to lock on and track multiple targets and can shoot down both planes and missiles within a range of approximately 93 miles.

While this defense system does not terribly weaken America’s strategic advantage over Iran thanks to our large number of stealth aircraft, it does put the nation of Israel is a difficult position.

Israel has advanced American military hardware, but it does not possess any American stealth fighters or stealth technology. This means that most of Israel’s aircraft would be vulnerable to this system.

If Israel wished to conduct a strike against an illegal Iranian nuclear facility, it will now be less able to do so without incurring heavy losses.

Israel has long relied on having a conventional military edge over its adversaries for maintaining regional stability. The S-300 changes all that, giving Iran a strategic edge in terms of defense systems for the first time.

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