Homeland Security Insider Risks Everything To Expose This Bombshell About Obama

Mr. Conservative

A former Department of Homeland Security insider confirmed our worst fears this week when he revealed the Obama administration has been purposely downplaying the threat posed to us by radical Islamic terrorism.

According to WND Philip Haney, who is now retired, has written a book titled “See Something Say Nothing” in which he claimed Obama’s government has continuously hindered law enforcement from doing its job because of a political agenda. Conservative Tribune reported that Haney explained that many terms were banned from being used to describe the threat and how various investigations were completely ignored out of a fear of coming across as insensitive to Muslims.

Haney said he wrote the book to “(t)ake the politically correct handcuffs off of law enforcement and military, and let us do our job.” His book deals with accounts of everything from an alleged cover-up involving the Boston bombing to “(t)he purging of training material that casts Islam in a negative light.”

If even a little bit of Haney’s book is proven to be accurate, it could completely destroy Obama’s “legacy.”

You can buy Haney’s book when it comes out on May 24 for more details.

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