Hillary's Agenda for the American People: Disarm and Dilute


 Anne Gearan and Paul Kane | The Washington Post

With Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton's campaign turning fully toward the general election, the candidate is speaking in increasingly strong terms about immediately tackling one of her party's most challenging domestic policy goals: gun control.

Clinton says just as forcefully that immigration reform will be her top priority upon entering the White House.

Without a dramatic Democratic sweep of Congress, few Democrats or Republicans believe either of these giant promises has a chance in January. That puts Clinton in the somewhat tricky position of making promises that many doubt she could meet.

But the Clinton campaign believes that public opinion has shifted on these two nationally divisive issues, making them winners for her to talk about in the general election. There is even hope among some Democrats that if Donald Trump is the Republican nominee they could win enough seats in the House and Senate to put gun and immigration reform back on the table.

Privately, Clinton aides and allies are more circumspect, quietly prioritizing what is actually possible at the outset of a Clinton presidency - and which promises she would put on hold.

The campaign says there is no trade-off between immigration and gun control, and that she has not overpromised on either. There is plenty of time to decide what comes when, campaign chairman John Podesta said.

"That's what the transition is for," Podesta said, referring to the period between the election and the inauguration.

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