Hillary Clinton Taunts GOP: Prison Time Over Email Server Scandal a Republican 'Fantasy'

"But look, they've been after me, as I say, for 25 years," she added. "And they have said things about me repeatedly that have been proven to be not only false but kind of ridiculous."

When asked how the FBI's investigation into the top secret and classified information found on her personal emails might end, Clinton deflected and dismissed the process as a routine "security review" instead of an investigation.

"It's a security review. It is a security review," she said. "And there are lots of those that are conducted in our government all the time. And you don't hear about most of them. You'll hear about this one because, you know, because it does involve me."

"I will tell you sitting here in the Bronx, in this cafe, we're moving forward, the Republicans' fondest wishes will not be fulfilled," she added of the GOP's hope that Clinton will be charged.

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