High school lacrosse team accused of killing guinea pig, using blood as face paint

Ben Guarino | The Washington Post

Lacrosse, to hear historians tell it, has always been a high-energy, high-contact sport. Reports of injuries from slashing sticks, head-butts and spiked shoes date back to the Aboriginal Canadian game that served as lacrosse’s inspiration.

In an alleged case of one lacrosse team’s bonding taken to a bloody extreme, however, the violence was not aimed at humans but at a small animal, possibly a guinea pig.

At least 10 members of a high school lacrosse team in Michigan have been questioned about the possible guinea pig slaying, Detroit’s Fox 2 news reports. A few students purportedly painted their faces with the animal’s blood. The Grosse Ile High School lacrosse players, an unnamed source tells Fox 2, killed the animal prior to a match earlier in May. Whatever the Grosse Ile Red Devils were hoping to achieve, it failed, as the rival Dexter Dreadnaughts won 13 to 6.

On Monday, an individual approached the Grosse Ile School District with “information that one or more members of the District’s lacrosse team engaged in cruelty to an animal,” reads a statement from the superintendent, Joanne Lelekatch, which was reprinted by the Detroit-area news outlet Local 4.

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