Here’s what Obama doesn’t want you to know about the Greyhound Killer…


Michelle Jesse | Allen West

Since we first broke the news yesterday, two people have died as a result of the shooting at a Virginia Greyhound station — Virginia State Trooper Chad Dermyer and the shooter himself.

And now, the shooter has been identified as a black man with a long criminal past who reportedly hated cops.


Now, we can’t say for certain at this point what the killer’s motive was, but we sure have some pretty darn good clues, given his history and reported hate of cops. And unless Mr. Brown had been living in a total media blackout, no doubt his hate of cops had received some extra reinforcements in recent years, courtesy of the Black Lives Matter movement, and condoned by none other than our own Divider in Chief, President Obama. Yes, he has condoned this by what he chooses to condemn and/or support and what he ignores, as well as his open support of the movement that continues to terrorize cops.

Which is exactly why you won’t hear a peep out of the president regarding this tragedy that killed a state trooper and Marine vet. No, President Obama won’t be sending representatives to the funeral of Trooper Chad Dermyer, a 37-year-old Marine vet and married father of two.

And no doubt he’s hoping we’ll all just move right along, nothing to see here…

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