GOP Official in CO Drops Delegate Bombshell… Trump to Get 2nd Chance?


Conservative Tribune

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was not happy about the delegate-awarding process that took place in Colorado in early April.

The caucus, which gave Sen. Ted Cruz the entirety of the state’s 34 delegates, was operated a little differently than other primaries and caucuses, as it focused more on selecting delegates than the voters actually choosing a candidate.

Now, the chairwoman of the Boulder County GOP has revealed several errors that affected the state’s caucus, and she even mentioned the possibility of a “do-over.”

Chairwoman Peg Cage reportedly sent an email to other top Republican officials in Colorado, describing errors that led to “the perception of fraud,” according to Breitbart. The errors included mistakes such as names of candidates being left off some ballots, as well as some counties having too few or too many ballots.

Grave errors affected Colorado GOP caucus, Cruz "won" clean sweep of 34 delegates without opening up process to voting by citizens.

— slone (@slone) April 26, 2016

When Trump supporters in Colorado got wind of the inconsistencies, they protested the results on the steps of the state Capitol building.

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