“GOP Hit-Man” Splits Cruz Sex Scandal Wide Open With Bombshell Claim

Conservative Tribune

Republican consultant Roger Stone said he knows for a fact that Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz had sex with more than one of the women he was accused of cavorting with in a National Enquirer story.

Stone, once referred to by The Daily Beast as a “self-admitted hit man for the GOP,” also used his Monday appearance on Newsmax TV appearance to deny that he or anyone else associated with Donald Trump’s campaign planted the story in the National Enquirer.

“Absolutely, positively, categorically not,” Stone said when asked by host Steve Malzberg whether he planted the story. “This story originated by Marco Rubio operatives.”

“I was aware of three allegations of Ted Cruz and women, not his wife. I learned about two additional allegations. So, I can also tell you, Steve, categorically, I never spoke to Donald Trump about this. I never spoke to anybody in the Trump campaign about this … Trust me, if I would have planted the story, you would never know about it.”

When asked whether Cruz should categorically deny the charges and sue the National Enquirer, Stone said, “I’m not going to give Ted Cruz campaign advice.”

“I do think it is odd he hasn’t sued,” Stone added. “Perhaps he’s worried about his ability to survive discovery.”

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