George Soros Eyes Internet Takeover

George Soros Eyes Internet Takeover

Tad Cronn | Constitution

George Soros’ ambitions still know no bounds.

You’ve probably heard that amid the several failures that compose the President Obama legacy is a plan to have the United States completely surrender control of the Internet.

After all, why not?

The United States built and controlled the thing for enough years, leading a global communications revolution so pervasive that it allows a housewife in Tucson to harangue a blogger in Pakistan about which breed of kitten is cuter, or allows a car designer in Tokyo to file his latest work with the New York office.

Americans have had their fun, improving the planet. Now it’s time to let some anonymous somebodies screw it all up.

President Obama promised that the United Nations would not take over the Internet, but like everything else he says, that was a lie, according to documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, which is the only way Americans ever get the truth out of this Administration, usually much delayed.

UN control will be the most likely result when the United States gives up stewardship of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or Icann, on September 30.

If you’ve ever set up a website, you’re probably at least peripherally aware of Icann, which oversees the whole catalog of sites in the Worldwide Web and makes sure the connections framework is functioning. The reason Icann can legally control the whole web is because it functions as a monopoly sanctioned by our own Commerce Department.

Once we surrender control, in order to keep working legally, Icann will need to be controlled by another recognized government authority. Enter the United Nations, many of whose members are salivating at the idea of being able to censor what does or does not appear on your home browser.

And guess who is working behind the scenes, knee deep in plans to regulate what’s on the Internet and, more importantly, what’s not allowed on the Internet?

Soros, the former Nazi employee who once compared himself to a mad god.

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