Former House Speaker: Wouldn't be surprised if Clinton 'has to withdraw'


Rebecca Savransky | The Hill

Former Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) on Thursday took shots at Sen. Ted Cruz(R-Texas) and said he wouldn't be surprised if Hillary Clinton ends up withdrawing from the presidential race.

Addressing the SALT Conference in Las Vegas, the former Speaker suggested that Democrats might have to turn to Vice President Biden to be their 2016 nominee.

Boehner says he "would not be surprised at all" if Clinton "has to withdraw" and Biden "parachutes in." #SALT2016

— Phil Mattingly (@Phil_Mattingly) May 12, 2016

Republicans have long speculated that the FBI investigation into Clinton's use of a private email server could result in criminal charges, wounding her candidacy.

Boehner, who resigned from Congress last fall amid an uprising from conservatives, also hammered Cruz, who was often his adversary in high-profile legislative fights.

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