Fidel Castro Mocks Obama After He Leaves Cuba

Kevin Whitson | Western Journalism

If there were any illusions as to how President Obama’s recent visit to Cuba would be received, they may all be dispelled with Cuban leader and revolutionary Fidel Castro’s written response to Obama’s presence in Cuba. From the outset, the president’s cold reception at the Cuban airport could have served as a predictor of future relations, when he arrived only to be greeted by a subordinate of Raul Castro and not the leader himself. Now, in what The Hill called a, “diatribe,” Fidel Castro is weighing in on Obama’s visit in a written letter to, “Brother Obama.”

Castro began his letter with references to Spanish conquistadors and their, “shameful,” exploitation of the New World. He compared that exploitation to tourism and the billions of dollars associated with the industry.

Castro quoted Cuba revolutionary Maceo as saying, “Whoever attempts to conquer Cuba will only gather the dust of her soil soaked in blood, if not perish in the fight.” It’s unclear if Castro’s quote of Maceo was a veiled threat to Obama or if he were simply praising the contributions of his fellow revolutionaries.

He quoted from a speech of Obama’s that he gave while visiting the communist island. Castro said Obama’s comments were alien and foreign to Cubans when Obama said, “Cuba, like the United States, was founded by slaves brought from Africa; like the United States, the Cuban people have inheritance in slaves and slaveholders.”

Castro also made mention of the United States’ efforts to overthrow Castro and the revolutionaries in the historic Bay of Pigs invasion.

“My modest suggestion (to Obama) is that he reflect on (the turbulent history between the two countries) and don’t try to elaborate on theories about Cuban politics,” he wrote.

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