Feel the Bern – Sanders lays off staff


Must be Wall Street or the Big Banks fault.

Bernie Sanders’ campaign began laying off staffers Wednesday, a day after he lost four out of five primary races in the Northeast to frontrunner Hillary Clinton, Fox News confirmed.

The layoffs, first reported by Politico, were being cast by the Vermont senator’s campaign as part of an effort to pare back now that most of the primaries and caucuses are over.

“We’re 80 percent of the way through the caucuses and primaries and we make adjustments as we go along. This is a process that we’ve done before of right-sizing the campaign as we move through the calendar,” Sanders’ campaign communications director Michael Briggs told Politico.

However, as has been visible in the Republican race, laying off staff is often one of the earliest signs of a campaign winding down as it runs out of money. Even though Sanders has outraised Clinton, the Sanders campaign has also outspent Clinton’s.

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