Federal Judge Declares Confederate Flag is “Anti-American”


Hunter Roosevelt | Controversial Times

A controversial federal judge has declared that the confederate flag is an “anti-American” symbol in a very heated case.

United States District Court Carlton Reeves is presiding in a case over whether to strike down the Mississippi state flag as unconstitutional for having the confederate flag on it. For those not familiar with it:


Judge Reeves is currently deciding whether to dismiss the case or to allow the lawsuit to move forward, possibly forcing the state to change their flag.

First adopted in 1894, the Mississippi state flag was subsequently repealed in 1906 and readopted in April 2001. The flag is unique among U.S. state flags as it is the sole remaining U.S. state flag which still depicts the Confederate battle flag’s saltire, after Georgia adopted a new state flag in 2003.

Of course, Judge Reeves use of the term “confederate flag” causes uproar from people because the flag Reeves is talking about is not the official confederate flag. That would be the “Stars & Bars”, a mistake common among people who say the flag represents racism.

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