FBI Now Denying Gun Sales For Misdemeanors


Shepard Ambellas | DC Clothsline

Activist and patriot Gavin Seim, also known for helping end the Malheur Wildlife Refuge standoff with the ‘final four,’ has been, at minimum, delayed and may even be denied the right to purchase a firearm by the FBI.

Seim entered a “big name sporting goods retailer” Thursday to attempt to purchase a firearm.

Seim said that he was forced to fill out “absurd paperwork,” a form, before the staff came back to him after a brief wait looking “uncomfortably” and told him that his application has been “delayed” and that they can’t sell Seim the gun.

Seim then called the FBI who told the activist that they can delay the transaction for up to three days. Then if the store does not hear back from the FBI within three days the store can then sell Seim the firearm.

Incidentally, if the FBI later comes back and tells that store, after the three day period, that the purchaser was denied, it is then up to the retailer to seek out and try and get back the firearm that was purchased.

“Now get this it gets better — you can appeal the delay or the denial, they said, that takes six months or a year,” Seim said.

During a recorded call to the FBI Seim discovered that people are now being turned down on misdemeanors.

“One of the federal prohibitors is if you’ve been convicted of a misdemeanor for more than two years,” the FBI told Seim on the call. Meaning that if a misdemeanor offers a max penalty of more than two years your rights can be revoked.

Seim said that if we don’t “exercise our rights” we are going to lose them.

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