Facebook Founder Zuckerberg to Meet with Conservatives This Week… But Only Anti-Trump Conservatives Like Glenn Beck...

The Last Great Stand

Good News! Mark Zuckerberg says he has no bias against conservatives, and has asked to meet with with Glenn Beck in particular to prove it. He just has one condition: No one pro-trump is allowed to attend.


The Gateway Pundit Reports:

Facebook Founder Zuckerberg is set to meet with conservatives this week… but only Anti-Trump conservatives. The purpose of the meeting is to address the alleged suppression of conservative news stories on Facebook.

The list of attendees is a who’s who of Trump bashers: Glenn Beck, Dana Perino, S. E. Cupp, Arthur Brooks from American Enterprise Institute and Zac Moffatt, Mitt Romney’s former digital director.

About the meeting, Glenn Beck says:

“It would be interesting to look him in the eye as he explains and a win for all voices if we can come to a place of real trust with this powerful tool,” Beck wrote on Facebook.

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