EXPOSED: Obama’s Secret Plan To Create Bogus Criminal Records So He Can Snatch Your Guns


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Since President Barack Obama has failed at getting our guns thus far, he has decided to go after medical records and make individuals look like criminals through loosely defined medical terms — and here’s how he will do it.

It involves HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, established in 1996 to ensure the safety and anonymity of all patients receiving healthcare treatment. HIPAA prohibits health agencies and their employees from releasing any health information regarding patients without prior written consent. These barriers were set in place to protect patients and their privacy.

Under Obama’s new executive action, the barriers have essentially been removed.

Earlier in the month, the Department of Health and Human Services announced a modifcation to HIPAA regulations that allow state health agencies to disclose information of a “mental defective” individual directly to NICS, reports National Review.

While this regulation doesn’t require anyone to disclose this information, it allows agencies that “are responsible for the involuntary commitments or other adjudications” to submit this information to the federal database.

Buried deep in the regulation, HHS notes that “this final rule does not preempt State or other laws that may require reporting to the NICS.”

In other words, while the executive action does not require healths agencies to report this information, “progressive states are free (and indeed invited!) to mandate that doctors collect and report this information,” National Review reported.

Prior to new regulations, it was illegal for health agencies to disclose any health condition, including the mental health, of individuals. That included the ridiculously broad category of “mentally deficient” individuals, which included those unable to manage their own financial affairs.

Obama’s regulations cannot only limit who can buy guns but also restrict the type of firearms people can purchase.

This regulation equates patients’ medical records to criminal records, which is wrong on many levels — maybe all of them.

There are dozens of reasons why the government should stay out of medicine and this is one of them. Doctor-patient privilege is ultimately destroyed by this measure and leads further down the path of government intrusion in our daily lives.

Make no mistake — this is exactly what Obama wants, and we cannot let it happen.

H/T Truth and Action

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