Entire Colorado Town's Police Dept Quits


Taylor Bishop | Fox12News

The town of Green Mountain Falls no longer has any police. The chief announced his resignation on Thursday, April 14, with the three other officers following his lead.

An anonymous source tells us the entire department quit over policy and unhappiness with the new mayor, who was sworn in just Tuesday night. As of Monday, their resignations went into effect, leaving the folks of Green Mountain Falls with no cops and a lot of questions.

“Our marshal and three deputies quit so that’s about all they said,” Ann Pinell said.

In a town meeting Tuesday night, citizens were informed of the situation, but said they still don’t why the entire force is quitting.

“We’ve had our hometown marshal for many, many years so I sure hope we get another marshal in our town,” said Pinell.

FOX21 went to the police station to see if anyone was there and what we could find out. Lights out and not a soul in sight, but we were able to track down the newly-elected mayor.

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