Ebay Blocks ‘Draw Mohammed’ Winning Cartoon from Auction


Dustin Stockton | Breitbart

eBay has blocked the auction of Bosch Fawstin’s cartoon that won the first annual Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest organized by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer for the American Freedom Defense Initiative.

Fawstin announced the blocking of the auction on his Twitter account:

ATTENTION: MY EBAY LISTING’S BEEN REMOVED. Those who bid $ on my winning Mohammad cartoon, I’ll try to re-list ASAP. pic.twitter.com/LYUfcWiap2

— Bosch Fawstin (@BoschFawstin) May 4, 2016

eBay Removed my winning Mohammad cartoon listing, citing a “technicality”. They’ve confirmed it’s Fishy, effectively blocked its re-listing.

— Bosch Fawstin (@BoschFawstin) May 4, 2016

The art depicts an artist drawing Mohammed with the dialogue, “‘You can’t draw me.’ ‘That’s why I draw you.’” After Breitbart News did a story on the auction, the bidding jumped above $10,000.

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