Drug smugglers caught on film scaling US-Mexico border fence


AP | The Guardian

A Mexican journalist got some unusual footage when she spotted two suspected drug smugglers scaling a tall border fence from Mexico into the US and then promptly climbing back after they realized they were being filmed.

Journalist Carolina Rocha of Azteca Noticias in Mexico City was in Nogales, Arizona, reporting on the US Border Patrol’s use of force 16 March when she spotted two young men in black T-shirts and jeans climbing down the fence in daylight. Footage shows them carrying large backpacks that were likely holding drugs, walking while hunched over and then hiding behind some bushes and talking on what appears to be a phone before realizing the camera was recording.

“Don’t record,” one of the men says.

But Rocha was already rolling and not willing to stop. She told the men she was just doing her job. The cameras rolled for about three minutes before the men climbed back up the fence and returned to Mexico.

“It was shocking. This is happening in front of me? And we didn’t stop recording,” Rocha said in Spanish during an interview with the Associated Press.

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