Disturbing Report: "ISIS is Here and Growing..."

by Trey Sanchez, Truth Revolt

A new report published by New Jersey's Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness indicates not only that ISIS is here in the United States, but that allegiance to Islamic terror organizations is on the rise along with the willingness to act.

In 2015, 75 homegrown violent extremists were operating across the U.S. - funding, planning, or carrying out plots. Of those arrested, deceased, or now overseas, almost 90% of them were affiliated with ISIS. The rest pledged allegiance to al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, Salafi jihadists, or the Nusrah Front.

Nearly 70% provided material support to the terror groups, 21% were planning attacks, and the rest were successful in carrying out plots around the U.S., including Texas, California, Massachusetts, Kansas, Tennessee and New York. The highest concentrations of terror funding were found in Minnesota, New Jersey, New York and Southern California.

View more details of the must-see report here. There are maps and a complete listing of terror activity.

As The Washington Free Beacon notes in its report, experts are calling this an "unprecedented rise" in terror activity that has led to "more domestic terror-related arrests in the United States than at any time since the 9/11 attacks," yet President Obama seems to still be viewing this as the work of a "JV team":

"Congressional attempts to investigate the immigration histories of at least 113 foreign-born individuals snagged on terror charges since 2014 have been stymied by the Obama administration. There remain at least 1,000 open investigations into ISIS members residing in the United States.

Terrorism experts are sending out the warning that homegrown extremists aren't finding it difficult to operate within our borders, leaving us vulnerable to future attacks.

Making matters even worse is the number of Syrian refugees President Obama is hoping to relocate into America. Ten thousand was the original estimate but that is going to rise to at least 85,000, with other estimates showing that number will likely double.

Though the Obama administration would like to comfort us in assuring it has the "refugee" screening process under control so that terrorists aren't ushered in among them, one only needs to look at Italy to lose faith in that unstable system. 

According to a report at The Daily Beast, a refugee reception center in southern Italy served as command central for a splinter group of ISIS terrorists living at the camp and leaving daily to take photos and videos of historical landmarks and other targets across the area. Raids of the camp uncovered jihadist propaganda and audio files of "prayers and proselytization chants relating to the indoctrination of radical Islam.” It was clear that large terror attacks were being planned. This information helped the Daily Beast came to the conclusion the rest of us already knew: "A string of arrests appear to confirm fears that Islamic State terror recruiters have infiltrated the asylum centers full of desperate migrants." Well, duh.

Patrick Poole, a counterterrorism analyst, said, "There are two dozen reported cases of terrorists traveling among Syrian immigrants… To ignore or dismiss the indicators of the metastasizing terror threat would be criminally negligent.”

But that seems to be exactly what the Obama administration is guilty of. Former Pentagon analyst Michael Rubin had some tough words for the White House, quoted in the Beacon:

“Home-grown extremism is accelerating and those around Obama are more interested in attacking those calling attention to the problem rather than the actual terrorists…

“The question now is whether the U.S. response is going to be denial or handicapped by political correctness. If there’s one lesson historians should take from the Obama administration, it is that declaring a problem non-existent or contained doesn’t make it so.

"Al Qaeda didn’t die with Bin Laden, no matter how much the journalists seeking Obama’s good graces desired. The Islamic State wasn’t a mere JV terror team, as not only Iraq and Syria, but also Egypt, Libya, and Afghanistan know too well."

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