Dem primary process 'unfair' to Sanders, says former Romney aide


Mark Hensch | The Hill

Mitt Romney’s former campaign manager on Wednesday argued that Bernie Sanders is being treated unfairly in the Democratic presidential race.

“Simply put, Secretary [Hillary] Clinton is still her party’s front-runner because of the Democrat establishment and the arcane, unfair and undemocratic process known as ‘superdelegates,’ ” Matt Rhoades wrote on Medium.

“Consider: among the pledged delegates allocated so far, Senator Sanders trails by approximately 12 percent. But among the superdelegates who have publicly indicated their support, he faces a gap of about 88 percentage points," he continued.

“Because if grassroots voters across the country had their way, there’s a good chance the Democratic Party would be ‘feeling the Bern’ at their convention in Philadelphia. But the Democratic establishment has already picked the winner of their primary: it’s Hillary Clinton.”

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