Criminals now getting their guns... in Canada?


Kim Bolan | Montreal Gazette

Langley resident Christina Stover obtained a firearms acquisition licence just last year, which entitled her to buy weapons at any gun store in Canada.

Within a matter of months, the 40-year-old former security guard had legally purchased 19 firearms.

Then, on March 11, police allege Stover, who had no prior criminal record, delivered a cache of guns to two men at their rented Surrey home on 192nd Street. All three were arrested the same day.

Ridge Meadows Supt. David Fleugel said the “investigation has resulted in police seizing a number of firearms that were being stored illegally, and may have been destined for a criminal element in a number of communities.”

Police seized nine firearms, including handguns, rifles and shotguns, he said.

Sources confirm that several firearms bought by Stover since last year have not been located. The investigation continues.

Police see a disturbing shift in where B.C. criminals are getting their guns.

B.C. gangsters used to get most of their guns from sources in the U.S. who smuggled them across the border. They now obtain most of their illicit firearms within Canada, either by stealing them from legal owners or using straw purchasers who have licences to buy them.

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